- T H E - B L A C K - S T U M P - A R C H I V E S -

What is the Black Stump? It is a place outside of the Known Universe; if you are beyond the black stump, you are beyond the borders of reality, in an imaginary place at the farthest point from where you really are.

Contained within these archives are some of the greatest, and most difficult to find pieces of SLA material written by the fans, for the fans. Bringing to life many different aspects of the World of Progress, these works stand as an example to all that there are no such things as professional writers - only writers.

NOTE: This particular section is always under construction, and material will be added to it as soon as time allows for uploading it. If you have old SLA material that you wish to have added to the Archive, please send it to submissions@integration-20.com; please make sure that you include the original writers credit and the site where the information originally came from.

If your work is displayed here without your permission, sincere apologies. i20 is intended to be mostly an archive of otherwise unavailable material, from webpages that often vanished anywhere from a year to five years ago (as of 2006). Please contact me if you want a piece taken down, or if you wish to verify a credit.

The writings of John Dodd. Still not playing the game.

All copies of The Big Picture in pdf format, as well as the unofficial Chocolate Frog SLA Sourcebooks. DoN't RoCk ThE bOaT.

The works of James Fullerton (and others).
The writings of Neil De Carteret.
The writings of Robert Jeffrey Burson.
Truly ancient SLA Material by Declan Kelly, admin of the original SLA-L, the precursor to Station Analysis.
Bad Karma's Toys.
The writings of Gentloser.
The Pythagorean Lair, home of Sam Pay's SLA material. Also includes some original Nightfall material.
The fiction of Peter Bogdasarian, and others.

The writings of James "Freddy" Lennon, ex-Nightfaller, one of the original team that brought us SLA.

Read on, dear child...

Two very special pieces from another ex-Nightfaller, one of the original design team that brought SLA into the world.
Back in the distant past, some SLA material was hosted by Wizards of the Coast, its publisher at the time. After SLA passed back into the hands of Nightfall, this was removed. It is archived here.
The writings of Ed Handley.
The writings of Chris DiDonna
The writings of Kris Steel.
The writings of Andrew Elliott.
The writings of Richard Thomassen.


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