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Andreas Schulz's excellent site.


The premier forum for SLA discussions on the web.

Team 8 SLA Forums

Team 8 slaindustries.net archive

Team8 Mort Times archive

The online portfolio of Dave Allsop, the creator of SLA Industries.

Do yourself a favour and take a look!

Dave Allsop's Online Portfolio.

And if that isn't enough for you, check out his LiveJournal community here.

Also, check out Dave's latest project (along with Adrian Bott), The Book of Unremitting Horror.

The most recent official site for SLA Industries.

Nightfall Games site (no longer updated)

The Cubicle 7 Entertainment website

Homepage for the official publisher of SLA Industries

The longest running internet presence for SLA Industries.

Station Analysis Mailing list, hosted at Topica.

SLA Industries/Nightfall Games LiveJournal Community

The Cognate Ring of SLA Fansites.

SLA Industries Cognate Web Ring

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FAN SITE LISTING (under construction)

Pandora's Box of SLA

Dark Lament

Forever Rain

Hollow Earth

Blutschwerter - home of the only German SLA Forum

IAOV (Irrational Acts of Violence)

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A few of the artists who have contributed to the development of the visual universe of SLA over the years.

Clint Langley

Stuart Beel

Glenn Fabry

Adrian Smith

Dom Reardon

Jock Simpson

Rik Martin

Jeremy Elford

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The Integration 20 Livejournal - for discussions related to this site.


RPGNet : roleplaying games forum.

Pen & Paper - a collection of resources for pen and paper RPG's.


The Escapist: Online Gaming Culture Magazine

And just to confuse...nothing to do with the gaming culture mag...

The Escapist, a great general RPG site.

DEMONGROUND: The Magazine of Modern Conspiracy/Horror

The Forge - Independent RPG Forum

GamingReport.com - Where Gamers get their News

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