- W H A T - I S - I N T E G R A T I O N - 2 0 ? -

Integration 20 is the name of a news article written by Wave Lyndsay, a journalist in the World of Progress who was assassinated for writing it. The document brings to light the very dirtiest laundry in SLA Industries, facts that would break their hold on the Known Universe, and cause society as we know it to come to a catastrophic end. The contents of the document are ruthlessly suppressed by SLA Industries, who will stop at nothing to protect the truths contained within.

In the same light, this site was conceived as a place to access information on the SLA Industries RPG that is otherwise unretrievable elsewhere, as well as up to date articles and game material every so often...just hoping that I won't get shot for creating it…


If your work is displayed here without your permission, sincere apologies. i20 is intended to be mostly an archive of otherwise unavailable material, from webpages that often vanished anywhere from a year to five years ago (as of 2006). Please contact me if you want a piece taken down, or if you wish to verify a credit.


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If you have some old SLA material that you want to have added to the Black Stump Archive, please send it to submissions@integration-20.com; please make sure that you include the original credit and the site where the information originally came from.

As far as new material, send an email to webmaster@integration-20.com and I'll see what I can do. :)